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Варна-център, джобна картаВеликата елинска колонизация (VIII - VI в. пр.Хр.)

Luxury Atlas of Varna
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Luxury Atlas of Varna

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Scale 1:7000 for Varna, the Asparuhovo Quarter and Kamenar village; 1:10 000 for the Quarters Vinitsa and Galata, 1:8000 for Albena; 1:8500 for St. Konstantin, 1:9500 for Golden Sands, 1:40 000 for the North Coast

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Size 17 x 28 centimeters

Includes maps of Quarters Asparuhovo, Vinitsa and Galata; the resorts of Albena, Golden Sands and St. Konstantin, the Riviera Club and the North Coast.

Contains information on:

  • Banks, non stop pharmacies, state and municipal institutions, insurance companies, health institutions (hospitals, dispensaries, veterinary treatment, dental and medical centres, diagnostic and medical advisory centres) and health organizations, cultural and educational institutions, courier services, travel and tourism (travel agencies, tour operators), entertainment and sports, religious temples, malls
  • Hotels, villas, estates, pensions, homes and recreation facilities and holiday villages.
  • Restaurants, bars.
  • Important telephone numbers.
  • Index of Varna streets
  • Renamed streets of Varna

Year of issue: 2009

Last Updated: Sunday, 21 July 2019 16:32

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