How The Shop Works?

First, please select your products and put them in the shopping cart. You can check the cart at any time while shopping.

The check-out is in three stages:

1. Customer Registration: If you have already purchased from the store, please login with your user name and password. If you haven't, you will need to register first. Please, give a real and accurate e-mail address. Your shipping address should also be accurate.

2. Select shipment method: We offer four shipment methods:

  • regular mail by land
  • regular mail by air
  • EMS international express mail
  • DHL

Not all methods are available to each location.

3. Select payment method: The options are two:  bank transfer and Moneybookers .com

If you want to pay via bank transfer, please finish the order and call us for the details.
tel: +359 42 265183, +359 42 649087

If you select, you will be redirected to their web site to complete the transaction.  Please check that this is indeed their site and not an imposter with a slightly different name, for example ""!  Also check if the address begins with "https", with an "s".

You can pay from your Moneybookers account, if you have one, or via credit card, if you don't.  The Moneybookers officers may call you to confirm the order by telephone, for additional security.

We will e-mail you the changes of the order status, for example, when it has been shipped.


Happy shopping!



Last Updated on Tuesday, 03 April 2018 12:14


4 пътеводителя + подарък
4 пътеводителя + подарък

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