Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Our company DOMINO Ltd. has extensive experience in data processing and design of geographic information systems (GIS). We work primarily with  ESRI products (ArcGIS, ArcScene).

Our team is available for:

  • Development and implementation of GIS applications
  • Data Analysis
  • Consulting
  • Digitization and building digital models
  • Building Internet / intranet applications
  • Spatial, drive time and other analysis

We can offer you:

Various geo-statistic data for the world and Bulgaria (data on population, water, soil, temperature, land use, topography, etc.).
Detailed road map of Bulgaria including:

National and municipal road network
Rivers and water basins
Points of interest

Detailed digital maps of 140 biggest towns and resorts (including all district cities)

Maps of Vitosha, Rila, Pirin and Rhodopes Mountains
Administrative boundaries of municipalities and districts
Distance between towns and villages in Bulgaria
Detailed road networks of

European part of Turkey
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Based on these data we have built a navigation map of the Balkan Peninsula for GARMIN GPS devices.



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4 пътеводителя + подарък

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